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RAVE Kindness is a not-for-profit value-added crowdfunding platform that facilitates the exchange of kindness in a secure, quick and easy way. The platform is managed and operated by RAVE et Al Limited, a social enterprise focused on reinforcing life values & helping not-for-profits amplify the work that they do and access the resources they need to keep making a positive difference.
Our goal is to inspire individuals and organizations to:
Share causes and campaigns targeted at improving the life experiences of others.
Give financially as they are able towards different verified causes and make a difference in the lives of others. 
Do acts of kindness through volunteering, gift giving and spreading the word about what we do.

RAVE Kindness is used to raise funds for, and awareness of charity causes and campaigns with focus on health, education, hunger and poverty. It’s also a platform for attracting volunteers who are interested in donating their time and/or skills to causes that align with their interests.
Publishing your cause or charity campaign on RAVE Kindness is very quick, easy and safe:

Step 1 - Register- Click on the “Start a Campaign” button on the home page of www.ravekindness.com to register.

Step 2 - Create your campaign – This is where you need to sell your story and make a compelling case on why people should support your cause. It’s recommended that use pictures, videos to create a campaign. The more your pitch is able to get the attention the higher the chance of achieving your goal, Once you’re satisfied that your campaign, click on publish. Once a campaign has been created, it would go through our verification process  and would remain in pending mode. Once your campaign passes our verification your campaign would be active and visible to the public.

Step 3 - Share – Using the share buttons on your campaign page, begin to spread the word to your network,  start tracking progress of funds raised. You can also periodically share updates to keep your community engaged.

We use secure payment encryption technology to ensure that donations made online are safe. Funds raised are kept securely until a withdrawal request is made.

You can request withdrawal of donations received online for your campaign, at any time. This does not affect the progress indicator on your fundraiser. Simply log into your account, click ‘Withdraw’ and follow the instructions. Funds raised will be paid to your designated bank account. Please allow for 3 business days to process your request.

An account is not needed to make donations. Simply visit www.ravekindness.com select the campaign you would like to make a donation towards, click the” Donate Now” button and make a donation using your bank card or doing a bank transfer to the account specified.
There is no charge for launching a fundraising campaign on RAVE Kindness Platform. 

Apart from an administrative fee that is automatically deducted per donation to cover payment processing and operators' costs, everything else goes directly to your cause.